quarta-feira, maio 12, 2010


Why do you look so sad?
You seem a little confused.
It was all meant to be,
You cannot be accused.

Your heart is pure,
But your mind seems blown.
In order to find balance
You had to lift this stone.

Come, my child, take this pome
And you shall see the truth.
All that happened was required
For the veil to be removed.

Those who treat you bad
Will face my eternal wrath,
And those who run from you
Will never find their paths.

Hope is still alive, my dear,
And this is all that matters.
Let it follow its way.
And everywhere it scatters.

Let your spirit rise, Pandora,
See how far they fly.
Don't look down, little one,
For the sky is in your eyes.

(Written by Victor Braga in 2010. Freed from metric.)

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Blogger Victor Braga said...

Some Gnosis and Judaic and Greek Mythology here. About the feminine part, call it Pandora, Eve or whomever you'd like.

qua mai 12, 09:46:00 PM  

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